Thursday, September 16, 2010

Semana de los Nacimientos

This week has been entirely given to celebration. And I guess we tossed class in there, too, but that's not really why I'm here, right?

My birthday was first on the 12th (19), then Gracie's on the 13th  (20), Peatree's on the 14th (3000), and Sara's on the 15th (21). We've had so much cake this week, I'll probably go into withdrawal next when we no longer have any (actually Tiffany came up with Cake Wednesdays, so I'll probably get my fix without any issues.) I don't think I've explained Peatree yet. He's pretty much a straight up baller. He's a dinosaur Gracie brought with her, and he's pretty popular here. We take a lot of pictures of his adventures in Panama.

Gracie has a velcro shirt she made. She ran out of y's, so it says "I <3 Caroln" with a ~ on the n. We hablamos un poco espanol.
In case you were wondering, that's most definitely funfetti. We were all pretty excited that Panama had it.
Roommate pic = requirement at all social events
In the car on the way to Beirut for Gracie's bday. We don't like to pay for taxis because they try and charge us the Gringo Special, so we cram as many people as possible into the car every time.
Peatree and Javier. He's not posing, he really talks like that. He's pretty crazy, but he makes a good dormgirl, so we let it slide.
Kaile, Caitlin, me, Gonzalo, and Stefano at Beirut. We went to a Lebanese place and ordered pizza because we couldn't understand the menu. The food was Lebanese, but some of it was translated into Spanish. Crossing two language barriers is a little more challenging than one, so we caved. Really good pizza though.
We were searching for ice cream, but helado places are cerrado a las 1030 de la noche on lunes :(
Salsa dancing Tuesday night. There's a place in the casino inside the mall that gives really cheap lessons on Tuesday nights, so we're going every week until we're masters. I'm going to be so legit at salsa by the time I get home.
Gracie y Peatree
Sushi for Sara! My sushi had plantains in it. I love love love plantains.
Gary and Peatree don't get along very well. I think it's because Gary is jealous. It's okay Gary, we love you, too!

Gary made us a cheesecake, so after sushi we headed back to Sara's and devoured it. I'm having a blast here. My classes are super easy, which is giving me plenty of time to enjoy everything about the culture. This weekend we have plans for either Santa Clara or this mountain thing... haha I'll no more when we go and I'll have tons more pictures. This is going to be an insanely epic scrap book :)

I'm having so much fun, and I'm so glad I'm here, but of course I miss you guys. I'm bad about keeping in touch because I get so caught up in everything here, that I don't always realize how long it's been since I checked in, so shoot me an email if I've neglected you. Take care, I love you.

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