Sunday, November 21, 2010


So I promised a crazy intense post, but I can't deliver. I simply don't have enough time left here. I tried to toss up some photos, but we've been bumming internet because ours has been down for a month now, and the weak connection won't support photo upload.  I have a 14 page paper to write, and only 3 weeks left to spend with some amazing people, so I'm un poquito busy at the moment. Can't wait to see you guys, but leaving is going to be crazy tough.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lo siento

I´ve gotten a few angry emails about how I haven´t updated my blog recently, sorry guys. I´m alive haha.

I´m on vacation right now. Panama has a handful of independence days and flag days and whatnot off at the beginning of November, so Lauren and I bailed for the full two weeks. Legit, right? Last week we were in Bocas del Toro (mouth of the bull) and this week we´re in Cerro Punta (Mountain Peak), Vulcan, and Boquete (gap). Bocas is beachy (and super hot), the rest are a lot cooler because they´re up in the mountains (about 9000 feet.) In other words, I´m freezing right now, but it´s really pretty. Y hay muchas panaderias, so lots of sweets I don´t need haha.

I´ll post a legit full blog when we get back, but Lauren has all of our pictures, so I´ll keep this short. We´re trying to do some hiking this week, but I fell of a dock last week and banged up my knee, so I´m not in hill shape. Probably going to hit up the horses instead.

Take care, hasta luego :)