Monday, November 8, 2010

Lo siento

I´ve gotten a few angry emails about how I haven´t updated my blog recently, sorry guys. I´m alive haha.

I´m on vacation right now. Panama has a handful of independence days and flag days and whatnot off at the beginning of November, so Lauren and I bailed for the full two weeks. Legit, right? Last week we were in Bocas del Toro (mouth of the bull) and this week we´re in Cerro Punta (Mountain Peak), Vulcan, and Boquete (gap). Bocas is beachy (and super hot), the rest are a lot cooler because they´re up in the mountains (about 9000 feet.) In other words, I´m freezing right now, but it´s really pretty. Y hay muchas panaderias, so lots of sweets I don´t need haha.

I´ll post a legit full blog when we get back, but Lauren has all of our pictures, so I´ll keep this short. We´re trying to do some hiking this week, but I fell of a dock last week and banged up my knee, so I´m not in hill shape. Probably going to hit up the horses instead.

Take care, hasta luego :)

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